1. United Healthcare

Pros:  Range of health insurance options Global health coverage .Extensive network Con:  Its Medicare Advantage plans were ranked lower than average by J.D. Power.

2. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Pros: Extensive network – Available in all 50 states – Offers Medicare plans Con: – Quality will vary depending on which Blue Cross Blue Shield company you’re a member of

3. Kaiser Permanente

Pros: – Integrated care model – Multiple specialties under one roof – Simplified claims process Cons: – Not available nationwide – Many providers and specialists aren’t part of the Kaiser network, and out-of-network care may not be covered.

4. Cigna

Pros: – Offers coverage abroad – Highly rated in several areas – Mobile apps simplify care management Con: – Only available in select states

5. Sidecar Health

Pros: – Affordable premiums – Cash discounts at providers – Can enroll or disenroll at any time Cons: – Can be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions – Annual maximum on benefits